Worst actually -_-

Worst actually -_-

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Anonymous asked: Tell us 3 things you've done sexually that was exciting and different for you. Doesn't have to be incredibly sexual.

Well, interesting! Remember sex is fun and good as long as it doesn’t damage anyone =]

1. I did it on the top floor of the tallest building in my university; the top level was a library and we did things between the stacks.

2. I went down on my date in the cinema while watching Titanic 3D. We were the only ones there. 

3. I got drunk at a friends home party once and crashed. Another boy crashed with me in the same room and once I sobered up I basically rolled over (literally rolled over) to his bed and did it with him.

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I’ve been talking recently with a guy who has low self confidence and self esteem issues as he has a medical condition which limits his ability to walk. It’s understandable that he feels that way. 

It’s interesting because I think he is very attractive and handsome with a great personality. His condition honestly wouldn’t even factor into me not considering dating or anything. I like him how he is, condition included. I guess I’m open minded. It adds character and strength to a person to have to face daily struggles that others don’t and still commit to getting out of bed and moving on with life. And I find that…endearing and attractive.

I think the lesson I’ve learned is that inside most of us is that voice that tells us we aren’t good enough sexually, emotionally and physically for others. That some parts of ourselves tend to say “You’re not good enough for him or for her because of x and y.”

For me it’s the whole sunken chest thing.
For him it’s the not walking without a walking stick or wheel chair thing.

You don’t need to improve yourself for others; there’ll always be someone that appreciates yourself as to how you present yourself to you :)

It’s really encouraging!

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Anonymous asked: Woops. I'm blind. Sorry. Glad you liked it :D That lifted my confidence up a lot.

How could you not like it! =] 

You should start sashaying that around to all the boys in real life :p

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Anonymous asked: Why do you reblog pictures of yourself?

When I post my pictures usually it’s in on aussie night time. Which is an ungodly hour for the rest of the world. 

I always reblog a pic of me only once more. Just once. During a time for my followers to see if they missed it (their night time basically). 

Sounds quite conceited of me that I want certain audiences from around the world to see a picture of me doesn’t it? 

Everyone wants to be noticed in some way, and I do too =]

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Anonymous asked: Did you not like my submission? Because I apologize if you didn't

I thanked you for it; look in my recent post history =] It was great anon, of course it was =D