Leaked screenshots of Final Fantasy XV


Leaked screenshots of Final Fantasy XV

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Anonymous asked: But you prided yourself on the fact that you didn't fuck around. I have no problem with people having sex but don't pretend to be something you're not.

No I haven’t. I’ve been saying the complete opposite. I’ve been with many boys. That was answered this year and last year. People judged me for it and I replied the same way I have replied to you. If it’s consensual and not damaging anyone it’s fine. And none of your business. My followers know I’ve had sex with over 80 guys. I’m not bragging but it’s just how it is. Please understand, I’ve been open about my sexual history. I’m not pleased about me having so much sex but it’s there and I acknowledge it. I honestly don’t know where you’re getting this “I’m proud of not sleeping around” thing.

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Anonymous asked: I thought you prided yourself on the fact that you're "different" from the other gay guys. So why is it that you're fucking all my friends. I thought you don't sleep around.

There’s nothing to be “proud” of being “different” to other gay guys. They can do what they want in life and so can I.

If you look at my past posts and my past in general you would know that, yes, I had an active sex life. I’m allowed to have sex. =)

So yes, some would be people you know, and some I guess, your friends. Both me and the 3rd party consented so it really doesn’t matter what you think.

Why would you care anyway? It’s sex. It doesn’t affect your relationship with your friends other than hearing a story that they had sex with a boy named Franky.
Or do you want to play the “slut” card? I don’t care, I’ve had mutual and consensual sex and quite frankly, it doesn’t involve or affect you. At all.

So there’s no reason to care. let people have sex. It’s that simple. It’s none of your business. =)

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I have this friend. 

He’s the complete opposite of me. 
He’s tall and he’s extremely active and funny.

He’s also the one that keeps me on my toes as nothing is sacred to him. I mean nothing. 

He’s always willing to hang out and also has become a really good friend of mine over time. 

I’m somewhat timid and shy and he’s somewhat outgoing and alarmingly extroverted. As are his friends.

This post is about my love for this guy. It’s always good to branch out of your comfort zone with people that seem so alien to you. The ones you think you’d never hang out with because you’re just TOO different.
I think it’s healthy to have that dynamic. There’ll always be some common element and uncommon element which makes things exciting.


My friends’ baby Chihuahua “Luna”

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I only get acne in one place on my body. 

I used to have it on my face when I was a child but hardly any scarring (thanks be).

Anyway, the one place is my back. They don’t appear anymore as of the past 5-6 months but they’re all faded. 

How do you get rid of em?